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Pre-Engineered vs. Conventional Steel Structures

If you need to erect a steel structure, and are weighing the pros and cons of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) vs. conventional steel structures, let Clotan Building Systems assist. PEMB are commonly used in industrial environments, and becoming increasingly popular for a number of applications, but what exactly is Pre-Engineered Metal Building? A PEMB consists of panels and components that are pre-fabricated in a factory, and transported to the construction site ready to be assembled.

Although both PEMB and conventional steel structures offer flexible designs and durable structures, there are some major differences between these two building methods. Read more below about the advantages of PEMB over conventional steel structures, or contact Clotan Building Systems today for assistance.

Clotan Building Systems is a leading supplier of PEMB systems, offering a complete turnkey solution for clients in need of steel structures in various African countries.

PEMB Steel Structures

Get a PEMB structure that meets your needs from Clotan Building Systems

Ordering a PEMB from Clotan Building Systems is easy. Simply follow the following steps to make use of the trusted PEMB construction company for your steel structure needs:

      Your structural needs: The first step is to get in touch with a consultant at Clotan Building Systems, to discuss your PEMB steel structure needs. Our consultant will advise you on your different options, to ensure that you get the best steel structure for your needs.
      Design and quotation: Once the draughtsmen and engineers understand exactly what you want, a detailed design and drawings will be done, as well as a formal quotation for the PEMB construction project.
      Final drawings and approval: After you have perused, discussed and made changes to the drawings, the final drawings will be sent for approval. Clients are then required to make the payment in order for work to commence.
      Fabrication of the PEMB: Once payment has been received, fabrication of the PEMB structure will begin in our workshop. All panels, roof and wall cladding will be fabricated according to the project specifications.
      Painting: The panels and accessories will be painted as requested in our workshop, ensuring a professional finish.
      Delivery: Once all the panels have been fabricated and painted, the PEMB material will be packed, and transported to the construction site by Clotan Building Systems.
      Training or construction: As per agreement, the PEMB will be constructed on site by Clotan Building System's construction team or training will be provided to construct the PEMB.

Pre-engineered buildings in Africa

Let Clotan Building Systems erect a pre-engineered steel building in Mozambique, Botswana or Namibia that meets all your needs. Contact us today to speak to a professional consultant about your steel structure needs, so that our team can put together the perfect building solution for you.

With years of experience in the steel fabrication and PEMB industry, you can expect Clotan Building Systems to provide you with a quality PEMB steel structure that will meet all your expectations in terms of quality, efficiency and cost. Talk to a consultant about your steel structure needs today.

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