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Agricultural Building Construction in Africa

Agricultural buildings and structures fulfil many functions on farms and agricultural environments, and it is essential that these structures are strong and secure. Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) are ideal for the construction of agricultural buildings, offering a high-quality and durable solution for companies and individuals in this sector.

Clotan Building Systems is a trusted Pre-engineered building company, supplying clients in Agricultural sectors across the African continent to obtain Pre-engineered steel structures that meet all their needs. Read more below about why a Pre-engineered building from Clotan Building Systems is the way to go for your Agricultural building construction, or contact us today for the information you require.

Why use Pre-Engineered Buildings for Agricultural Structures?

Advances in technology over the last few decades have resulted in Pre-engineered buildings, or modular buildings, becoming the preferred construction method amongst construction companies and individuals in Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial sectors across Africa. These sectors are growing and developing rapidly in many African countries, resulting in a high demand of more efficient building methods. When considering the advantages of Pre-engineered buildings over conventional steel structures, it is easy to see why Pre-engineered buildings are fast becoming the building method of choice in these industries.

Some of the advantages of using Pre-engineered steel building methods for Agricultural structures include:

  • Quality control: The beams and panels of the Pre-Engineered steel structure are designed and fabricated in-house, under stringent quality control measures. This ensures that consistent quality is achieved, unlike in the case of conventional steel structures, where beams and panels are partially fabricated on-site.
  • Strength and durability: Agricultural structures need to provide secure and protective shelters for livestock, while other uses include storage for agricultural productions, equipment and machinery.The result of a Pre-engineered steel structure designed and fabricated by Clotan Building Systems is a strong and lasting structure that will exceed the client's expectations in terms of strength and durability.
  • Speed of construction: The construction of Pre-engineered buildings is relatively easy, as beams and panels are ready to be assembled when it reaches the construction site. Components are simply bolted together as per the design of the structure.
  • Cost:The efficient use of material (up to 30% less material used than in conventional steel structure designs), faster construction times and the fact that construction of Pre-engineered steel structures is less labour intensive, all contribute to massive cost saving benefits.
  • Design flexibility: The ability to achieve clear spans in excess of 75 meters make Pre-engineered steel buildings ideal for use in Agricultural building construction. Agricultural buildings often require large unobstructed spaces for storage and other functions and it also allow for easy expansion in future, ideal for customers in developing sectors.

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Clotan Building Systems is leading the way forward when it comes to Agricultural building construction in Africa. As a reputable service provider in the Pre-engineered building business, you can expect quality structures combined with a professional and timely service. Get in touch with us at Clotan Building Systems today to discuss your Agricultural building construction needs. today.

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