Buildings that shape the future

    Buildings that shape the future

    Buildings that shape the future

    The Market and Clotan Building Systems (CBS)

    Buildings & houses are the basic requirements of any human being and the heart of every company’s operation. Ever since the 1950’s when advances in technology made modular steel buildings vital to the worlds expanding Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial sectors the need for soundly engineered and high-quality structures has expanded exponentially across the world.

    While the need for these buildings have been keenly felt in countries such as Mozambique and the African continent in general, which is experiencing unprecedented growth and development, we have often lagged behind the world’s technological development and made do with substandard products which have both limited growth and opportunities and negatively affected us all as a community.

    CBS has set the goal of changing this dynamic in the building sector by delivering Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings which are custom designed to suit your needs and exceed the 21st Century’s vigorous standards. This is done through our design team and manufacturing capability which utilizes modern design software in collaboration with our adaptable production line to deliver your requirements.

    Pre-Engineered Building Concept and Design Advantages

    Pre-Engineered Buildings primarily distinguish themselves from conventional Steel buildings through the design of the superstructure which is composed of sections which have been custom designed for the structure and local conditions rather than standard sections. This capability is most often paired with a tapered element which provides optimal structural integrity while removing unneeded weight.

    Below is a summary of the advantages of Pre-Engineered Design capabilities.


    At CBS, we believe that improved design must be paired with practical concerns such as cost to deliver the best possible solution in today’s competitive marketplace. Because of reduced weight approach through intelligent utilization of steel, savings are realized through reduced material and transportation costs during the building process. Weight reduction through our designs are regularly between 20 to 30 percent compared to conventional structures.


    Naturally, time is a critical factor in all construction projects and our Pre-Engineered Building designs are engineered to with ease and speed of erection in mind. As all our buildings are designed to fit together using fasteners (bolted connections). On large clear spans the wide flanges on our rafters ensure that our structures are more stable during erection, when compared to conventional lattice truss structures

    Standard vs Conventional Design


    Our structures have excellent clear span capacity which can be provided in excess of 75 meters when required to bring optimal utilization of a structure’s interior, unhindered by columns or other obstructions. Furthermore, our structures can easily be expanded in the future to suit increased capacity need by adding additional bays or lean-to structures to a pre-existing design.

    Our flexible designs also provide simplified expansion and modification capabilities to industries unconcerned with clear or empty space such as industrial buildings designed to support heavy machinery.

    Structures must suit the client rather than limit the client’s operations to suit design.


    Photo caption:

    Phase 1 still in progress of the Agility Logistics park in Mozambique showcasing the pre-engineered structural steel and design by CBS

    Project details:

    Agility Logistics Park Mozambique, Phase 1

    Structural details:
    • 50m x 280m floor area
    • Multi-span structure with 9m internal clearance

    These buildings were designed to withstand cyclonic wind load conditions

    With the above in mind, look no further than Clotan Building Systems Pre-Engineered Building Systems providing buildings solutions that will shape the future of steel building.

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