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Commercial buildings, like office parks, retail buildings and warehouses, are large steel structures that often require long and clear spans. Pre-engineered building methods have transformed the way in which these structures are designed and built, offering time- and cost-saving benefits for the customer. Pre-Engineered construction is a modern building method that allows the design and fabrication of the project to be completed by the commercial building company, which streamlines activities and offers an efficient building service.

Clotan Building Systems, provides a one-stop design, fabrication and construction service to our customers. Let the experienced team from Clotan Building Systems supply you with a quality steel structure for your commercial needs. Get in touch with the leading commercial building company, Clotan Building Systems, today.

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Commercial Buildings

Many industries in African countries are developing at a rapid pace, which has led to the need for faster, more efficient and cost-effective building methods. Pre-engineered buildings meet these demands, by providing customers with several advantages over conventional building methods, such as:

  • Faster construction times: A major benefit of Pre-engineered commercial buildings is the construction time. Time is a critical factor in all construction projects, which is why Clotan Building Systems design Pre-engineered commercial buildings with ease of construction in mind. The erection of Pre-engineered steel structures from Clotan Building Systems is easy and time efficient - All steel building sections and columns from Clotan Building Systems are pre-designed and fabricated in-house to fit together, by fastening with bolt connections. All material is delivered to the site, according to the project specifications, ready to be assembled.
  • Flexible designs: The design possibilities of a Pre-engineered commercial building are endless.The team from Clotan Building Systems can design a commercial steel building that meets your business needs.The design of the structure also allows for easy expansion and modification possibilities, to meet the customer's changing and growing business requirements.
  • Cost-saving benefits:Cost is a deciding factor for customers when considering building options and suppliers. A Pre-engineered commercial building is the cost-effective choice when considering alternative building methods. The design of a Pre-engineered steel structure is aimed to use the steel material more efficiently, resulting in lighter weight structures and lower material and transportation costs. These benefits ultimately reduce the overall building costs, making Pre-engineered Commercial building companies more cost-effective than conventional steel building companies.

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Clotan Building Systems is leading the way forward when it comes to Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural building construction in Africa. As a trusted service provider in the Pre-engineered building business, you can expect quality structures combined with a professional and timely service. Get in touch with us at Clotan Building Systems today to discuss your commercial building construction needs, and to place your order.

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Clotan Building Systems will provide you with a steel structure that is strong, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. Our team have constructed many beautiful and custom pre-engineered industrial metal buildings for clients across Africa. Contact Clotan Building Systems today to discuss your project needs, and to get a quote to erect your pre-fabricated metal building in Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia.

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