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Trusted Commercial Steel Building Contractors

If you require the services of a commercial steel building contractor for the design, fabrication and construction of a steel structure, get the professionals from Clotan Building Systems to assist. We manufacture Pre-engineered steel structures of the highest quality, for clients in industrial, commercial and agricultural environments. Pre-engineered buildings are a modern alternative to conventional steel structures, offering customers a faster, more efficient and cost-effective construction option.

Whether you need to erect a steel warehouse, office park or retail store, Clotan Building Systems offer the ideal building solution for your needs. Read more about our excellent alternative building solution or contact the leading Commercial Steel Building contractors in Africa today.

Why choose a Pre-engineered building solution?

There are several benefits when choosing to erect a Pre-engineered building rather than a conventional steel structure. The advantages of this building method can be outlined as follows:

  • The design and fabrication all take place under one roof. This simplifies the building process, streamlines activities and allows for faster and more efficient construction.
  • The construction of a Pre-engineered building is faster than conventional steel structures, as the beams, columns and panels are easy to assemble.
  • Steel is used more efficiently, resulting in structures that are up to 30% lighter, which leads to immense cost saving benefits.

How to order your steel structure

We have simplified the process of obtaining a steel structure, making it easy for our clients to get a professional and reliable service for the construction of their commercial steel structures. Clotan Building Systems is a reliable commercial steel building contractor when it comes to Pre-engineered building solutions in Africa. Simply follow our easy process to get a quality steel structure that meets all your specifications and requirements:

  • Make your enquiry: Simply make an enquiry on our website to get the ball on the roll. A professional consultant will take note of your requirements and specifications and advise you on your best options if necessary.
  • Drawings, design and quote: We make use of professional design software and programmes, in order to provide our client with a professional and detailed design. You will also receive a formal quote on your construction project.
  • Final drawings and approval: After making changes suggested by the client, the final drawings will be supplied to the client for approval.
  • Payment: Once the designs and drawing are approved by the client, payment of the steel structure is required.
  • Fabrication: Once payment is received by Clotan Building Systems, our team will commence with the fabrication of your steel building (beams, columns, panels and roof sheets) in our factory. All our steel products meet the industry standards, assuring you of quality steel products.
  • Painting: The steel panels will be painted once fabrication is complete, according to the project details.
  • Transportation and delivery: The Pre-fabricated panels will be packed and transported to the construction site.
  • Installation or training: Depending on the project specifications, Clotan Building Systems will either provide onsite training for the erection of the steel structure orcomplete the installation process.

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