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Do you need a company to design your custom steel structure? Trust the team from Clotan Building Systems to provide you with professional service on quality steel structures. Clotan Building Systems can design, fabricate and supplya Pre-engineered steel structure, made according to the client's specifications.

Clotan Building Systems provide Pre-engineered steel structures for many different industries and applications, such as mining structures, agricultural structures, warehouses, commercial buildings, business parks, airport hangars and other industrial applications. Contact Clotan Building Systems today for more information about our custom steel structures, and to discuss your steel structure project with an experienced consultant.

Pre-engineered construction - A modern building alternative

Clotan Building Systems is paving the way forward when it comes to efficient and sustainable steel structure construction. Pre-engineered construction is a new-aged building method, that allows all the work to be done by one service provider. This makes the construction process more efficient and ensures consistent quality during every phase of construction.

Clotan Building Systems will design your custom steel structures according to your specifications. Steel is used efficiently in the design of the custom steel structure, resulting in lighter structures (up to 30%), and cost-saving benefits. The design of a Pre-engineered steel structure is very flexible and offers excellent expansion opportunities for the future. All projects are overseen by our team of qualified engineers, to ensure that all quality and safety standards are met during every phase of the project. Fabrication of the columns, beams, panels and roof sheets are manufactured in our factory, under stringent quality control measures. Because the components are pre-fabricated, construction time is shortened immensely. The modules are easy to assemble, saving even more time and money. The team from Clotan Building Systems can erect the steel structure on-site, or training can be provided should the clients wish to construct the building with their own teams.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Pre-engineered structures meet the demands of the fast-pace development in many industries in terms of efficiency, price and sustainability. A custom steel structure from Clotan Building Systems will provide the user with a lasting structure for their business needs. Companies across the world are also becoming more aware of the impact of their business activities on the environment, which makes steel structures the ideal building solution. Steel is 100% recyclable andcan be re-used or re-purposed for in other applications.

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Clotan Building Systems is a trusted supplier of Pre-engineered steel structures in Africa, that will provide you with excellent quality steel structures, designed to meet your application needs. Speak to a professional consultant at Clotan Building Systems today to discuss your custom steel structure, so that you can get the ball rolling on your building project. We will advise you on your best options, to make the building project as cost-effective and efficient as possible. Contact Clotan Building Systems today.

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