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If you are looking for manufacturers of warehouses, storage facilities, factories etc. in Southern Africa, Clotan Building Systems can assist. Clotan Building Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings, ideal for industrial warehouse application as well as a variety of other needs.

Clotan Building Systems provides a complete steel building solution for clients in Southern African countries, providing them with quality industrial warehouses, manufactured according to their requirements. Contact Clotan Building Systems today to discuss you steel structure needs with the leading industrial warehouse manufacturers in Africa.

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Advantages of pre-engineered industrial warehouses

The main benefits of pre-engineered steel structures and warehouses are the cost and time saving advantages. Pre-engineered steel structures are less labour intensive, and less material is required due to efficient structural designs, saving the client of construction costs. Easy assembly of the prefabricated panels offers quicker construction times, and a project can be completed in as little as a few weeks (depending on the scope of the project). Pre-engineered steel buildings can also easily adapt to the growing needs of the client, and buildings can be extended when required. Space is another benefit of pre-engineered industrial warehouses, and this building method can provide clear spans and high roofs.

If you require the assistance of a reliable industrial warehouse manufacturer in any of the following African countries, contact Clotan Building Systems to assist: South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Ivory Coast, DRC and Mauritius.

Factors to consider when constructing an industrial warehouse

There are many factors to consider before building a steel structure like and industrial warehouse. Consider the following factors before constructing our steel structure:

  • Location: The location of the warehouse is a major factor to consider. The warehouse will need to be logistically feasible, to support business activities effectively.
  • Accessibility: Consider the infrastructure available for access and transportation to and from the warehouse, such as main roads, air ports etc.
  • Design and size: The design and size of the structure will depend on the purpose and functionality of the warehouse. Discuss this with your industrial warehouse manufacturer, Clotan Building Systems, to ensure that your warehouse meets all your needs.
  • Doors: The doors may seem an insignificant factor, but needs to be taken into consideration when designing a warehouse. Ensure that you install the best doors for your business needs - a variety of options are available, such as roller shutter, sliding or hanging doors, normal steel doors and more.

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Trust Clotan Building Systems, leading industrial warehouse manufacturer, for quality steel warehouses, professional construction services and cost efficient prices. Discuss your warehouse needs with a professional consultant today.

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