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If you are looking for manufacturers of warehouses, storage facilities, factories or other industrial structures in Africa, Clotan Building Systems can assist. Clotan Building Systems is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of Pre-engineered steel buildings, ideal for industrial warehouses and many other industrial structures.

Clotan Building Systems provide a complete steel building solution for clients in African countries, providing them with quality industrial warehouses, manufactured according to their requirements. Contact Clotan Building Systems today to discuss you steel structure needs with the leading industrial warehouse manufacturers in Africa.

PEMB Steel Structures

Benefits of Pre-engineered industrial warehouses

The main benefits of Pre-engineered steel structures and warehouses are the cost and time saving advantages. Pre-engineered steel structures are less labour intensive, and less material is required due to efficient structural designs, saving the client construction and labour costs. Easy assembly of the prefabricated panels offer quicker construction times, and a project can be completed in as little as a few weeks (depending on the scope of the project). Pre-engineered steel buildings can also easily adapt to the growing capacity needs of the client, and buildings can be expanded when it is required. Space is another benefit of Pre-engineered industrial warehouses, as this building method can provide clear spans in excess of 75 metres and high roofs. Order your Pre-engineered industrial warehouse from Clotan Building Systems today to obtain the steel structure you need. See our Sequence of Fabrication Operation for more detail about the process of erecting a steel structure from Clotan Building Systems.

Customised steel building solution

Steel structures from Clotan Building Systems are designed to meet the specific needs of the client, rather than limiting the client’s operations. Design flexibility of our Pre-engineered steel structures ensure modification capabilities to meet the structural needs of different industries and applications. Clotan Building Systems has a highly qualified and skilled team that ensures our clients get professional and exceptional service from concept and design right through to the completion stage of the steel structure project.Our professional project management service will ensure every aspect is managed efficiently by our team.

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Trust Clotan Building Systems, professional industrial warehouse manufacturer, for quality steel warehouses, professional construction services and cost-efficient prices. Discuss your warehouse needs with a professional consultant today.

If you require the assistance of a reliable industrial warehouse manufacturer in any of the following or other African countries, contact Clotan Building Systems to assist: Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Ivory Coast, DRC and Mauritius.

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