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If you are looking for trusted PEMB suppliers, let Clotan Building Systems assist. Clotan Building Systems offers efficient and cost-effective Pre-Engineered Building Systems (PEMB) for clients across Africa. Let the team at Clotan Building Systems supply you with PEMB that meets your application needs and specifications.

There are a number of reasons why PEMB steel structures are so popular in industrial environments. This building method offers the steel structure supplier and client a number of benefits when compared to conventional steel buildings. Read more below about the advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Structures from Clotan Building Systems, or contact the leading PEMB suppliers today for more information.

PEMB Steel Structures

Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

Once you've compared the advantages of PEMB to conventional steel structures, you will understand why PEMB are so popular in industrial, commercial and agricultural environments. The many benefits of PEMB include:

  • Shorter construction times: There are a number of factors regarding PEMB that help shorten construction times. The fact that the fabrication of the panels and components of the PEMB structure take place in a factory, and that the construction / assembly of the structure is relatively easy, contribute to shorter construction times. The foundation and flooring can be executed while the cladding and other components are being fabricated, ensuring the area is ready for construction.
  • Versatility of PEMB: The design of a PEMB is very flexible, making it a versatile option suitable for a number of applications. Steel is widely used on the construction industry, due to its versatility and strength. Designs of PEMB's are flexible, and the team of skilled draughtsmen at Clotan Building Systems, leading PEMB supplier, will design a structure that meets your needs it terms of design and functionality.
  • Cost-effective building method: More efficient use of steel material, shorter construction times and less labour intensive construction are factors that lower the price of this building method. PEMB construction is definitely a cost-effective building method, and Clotan Building Systems offer cost-effective and competitive prices for our clients.
  • Quality steel structures for industrial, commercial and agricultural environments: PEMB structures from Clotan Building Systems are strong and durable, and you can expect top quality structures that meet the required safety regulations from this PEMB supplier.

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The process of ordering a steel structure from Clotan Building Systems is easy. Simply send an enquiry regarding your PEMB steel structure needs to get the ball on the roll. A professional consultant will help and advise you regarding your steel structure, to ensure that you get the best PEMB structure that meets your application needs. Contact us today for a quote on the structure you require, and make use of the leading PEMB supplier for the best results.

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