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Pre-Engineered vs. Conventional Steel Structures

If you need to erect a steel structure, and are weighing the pros and cons of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) vs. conventional steel structures, let Clotan Building Systems assist. PEMB are commonly used in industrial environments, and becoming increasingly popular for a number of applications, but what exactly is Pre-Engineered Metal Building? A PEMB consists of panels and components that are pre-fabricated in a factory, and transported to the construction site ready to be assembled.

Although both PEMB and conventional steel structures offer flexible designs and durable structures, there are some major differences between these two building methods. Read more below about the advantages of PEMB over conventional steel structures, or contact Clotan Building Systems today for assistance.

Clotan Building Systems is a leading supplier of PEMB systems, offering a complete turnkey solution for clients in need of steel structures in various African countries.

PEMB Steel Structures

The Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings - PEMB

  • Design of the structure: The design of the structure is done in-house by Clotan Building System's team of engineers and draughtsmen, and not independently as in the design of conventional steel structures. This means that the design phase is quicker and more efficient, and the price is included in the project quote.
  • Construction speed: The PEMB project can be completed within a few weeks, depending on the size and scope of the construction project. The construction of conventional steel structures can often be delayed due to material supply hold-ups. Erection of the PEMB is also quicker than conventional structures, speeding up construction times even more.
  • Effective quality control: The fact that the panels, beams and other components are fabricated in-house in Clotan Building System's factory, allows for greater quality control over every area. The panels and beams of conventional steel structures are often fabricated onsite, making quality control more difficult to manage.
  • Efficient and lightweight building alternative: The frames of conventional steel structures are built from all-purpose beams, which are quite robust and heavy. The frame of a PEMB is specially designed and highly efficient, resulting in NO material waste or unnecessary use of thereof (causing extra weight). This also results in a lighter overall building weight, making PEMB up to 30% lighter than conventional steel structures.
  • Structural flexibility: The flexibility of the steel structure is an important aspect, especially in seismic areas. The more flexible the structure, the more resistant it is to seismic activity. PEMB are known for their flexibility, and ability to handle seismic tremors well, which is a great advantage over the rigidness of conventional steel structures.

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