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Pre-Engineered Building Design, Fabrication and Construction

Pre-engineered metal buildings, or PEMB, are fast becoming the preferred method of construction in several industries across Africa. Rapidly growing commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors in Africa have created the need for faster, more cost-effective and sustainable building solutions. Steel building companies have stepped up to the plate, providing industries with Pre-engineered building designs that meet all the customers' demands in terms of construction time, cost and quality.

Pre-Engineered Steel Structures allows for 30% less steel used in the design to achieve the same results as conventional steel buildings.

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The Advantages of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings over Conventional Steel Structures

Pre-engineered buildings are designed, fabricated and constructed by the steel building company, making it a convenient building method. Customers can choose between Standard or Customised steel structure designs, depending on their application needs. Pre-engineered steel structure designs are growing in popularity in commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors, due to the many advantages offered by this building method

The advantages of Pre-Engineered Buildings over conventional steel buildings, include:

  • Cost-effective building solution:The efficient use of steel in the Pre-engineered building design result in lighter structures (up to 30%). This, combined with the lower labour requirements and shorter construction time results in great cost-saving benefits.
  • Time-saving benefits:Time is critical for any construction project. The fact that the structure is pre-designed and pre-fabricatedby the service provider, simplifies the construction of the steel building. All material is pre-fabricated to fit, and is easily bolted together.
  • Versatile and flexible designs:Pre-engineered steel structures are extremely versatile and can be customised according to the customer's preference. Roofing, cladding, doorways and mezzanine flooring can be specified and incorporated into the design of the Pre-engineered steel building, to ensure the customer is happy with detail of the steel structure design. Pre-engineered steel buildings can easily be expanded for future business needs.
  • Quality and durability:All sections of the Pre-engineered building are pre-fabricated in-house in a controlled environment, ensuring consistent quality. Steel structures are robust and durable, and able to withstand harsh African weather conditions.
  • Low maintenance requirements:Pre-engineered steel structures are virtually maintenance-free, for much longer than conventional steel buildings. The steel material used is rust, corrosion and pest resistant, and the Pre-engineered building will maintain its appearance throughout its lifespan.
  • Sustainable building method:When considering eco-friendly building alternatives, steel is an excellent choice. Steel is 100% recyclable, and at can be re-used or re-purposed.

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