Pre-engineered Building Systems

For Pre-Engineered Steel Structures, contact Clotan Building Systems. Clotan Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered building systems (PEMB).

PEMB in Construction

Based in South Africa, CBS supplies to companies in neighbouring African countries only. If you are in need of high quality steel pre-engineered building systems, Clotan Building Systems will be able to assist.

Pre-engineered building systems are widely used for many different applications, due to the many advantages offered by this building method. For more information, or to order your pre-engineered building products, talk to a professional consultant at Clotan Building Systems today.

Applications and advantages of pre-engineered steel building system

Pre-engineered building systems are widely used in a number of different applications, including the following:

  • Low cost / temporary housing
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Logistic centres
  • Storage facilities and ware houses
  • Animal sheds
  • High rise buildings
  • Processing mills and many more

Many builders and clients choose pre-engineered building systems due to the many benefits of this alternative building method has to offer both the building contractor and the client.


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Benefits of pre-engineered building systems for the builder and client

The many advantages of pre-engineered building systems include:

  • Time to complete construction: Construction time of pre-engineered building systems is much quicker than conventional building methods. This is due to the simplicity of pre-engineered building assembly, when compared to brick and mortar building.
  • Structure weight: Efficient use of steel material in construction can result in 30% lighter structures when compared to conventional buildings (building design can reduce the weight of the steel).
  • Cost of building: The cost to construct and maintain pre-engineered building systems is exceptionally lower that other building methods, due to the efficient use of steel material, as well as the quicker construction times.
  • Accuracy: Pre-engineered building offer accurate results, and almost any shape and size building can be erected with pre-engineered steel panels.
  • Weather dependant: Building on the structure is not weather dependant, meaning that it doesn’t need to dry like timber in rainy circumstanced before construction of the building is completed.

Contact Clotan Building System for a quote – Trusted pre-engineered building system supplier

Let Clotan Building Systems assist you to get the best design and quality for your pre-engineered building system requirements. As a leading steel products supplier in Africa, you can rely on Clotan Building Systems for the best quality, services and prices.

Our state of the art machinery enables us to provide our clients with accurate results to meet their exact specifications. Our experienced consultant will advise you on the best option for your pre-engineered building system needs.

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