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Pre-engineered industrial buildings are widely used in various sectors, due to their efficiency, wide span capabilities and durability. This makes it an excellent choice for a number of building applications such as warehouses, factories, hangars, commercial buildings and farm structures to name a few.

Clotan Building Systems have been in the steel structure manufacturing business for many years, and have successfully completed numerous steel construction projects for our clients in various African countries. Let the team at Clotan Building Systems provide you with a one-stop solution for your steel building needs - we will handle every aspect from design right through to the completion of the construction project. Contact Clotan Building Systems today for more information about pre-engineered industrial buildings, and what we can offer you.

The benefits of pre-engineered industrial buildings

There are a number of reasons why pre-engineered buildings are so popular and commonly used in industrial environments. Pre-engineered metal buildings follow a systems approach, and are designed in-house by a team of skilled draughtsmen to meet the clients requirements. The pre-engineered industrial building is constructed from standardised, pre-fabricated components, which shortens the design time, construction time, and ultimately, the cost to erect an industrial steel structure. The benefits of a pre-engineered industrial building can be summed up as follow:

  • One-stop solution (design, fabrication and erection all done by Clotan Building Systems)
  • Shorter project schedules (project can be delivered within a few weeks, depending on the scope and size of the project)
  • Shorter construction times due to in-house design work, in-house fabrication and easy assembly of the components
  • Cost-effective building method due to it being less labour intensive and constructed in a shorter timeframe
  • Stringent quality control across all areas due to the components being manufactured in a factory
  • Simpler foundations are required due to the pre-engineered industrial building being lighter than a conventional steel building
  • Better quality control on components manufactured in a factory

If you are looking for the best pre-engineered industrial building solution, let Clotan Building Systems assist.

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Clotan Building Systems provide clients in the African market with complete one stop pre-engineered industrial building solutions that meet all their expectations in terms of quality, functionality and design. The process of obtaining a pre-engineered steel structure from Clotan Building Systems is efficient and easy - see the typical sequence of fabrication on our website, or talk to a professional consultant for more information.

Let Clotan Building Systems provide you with a top quality pre-engineered industrial building, professional workmanship, excellent customer service and cost-effective prices. Contact Clotan Building Systems today to get the process started.

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