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If you need to build a steel structure and are looking for trusted pre-engineered metal building suppliers in Southern Africa, Clotan Building Systems is the company for you. Clotan Building Systems is a reputable manufacturer of pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB), supplying clients in many African countries with quality and custom-build steel structures that meet their needs.

The team from Clotan Building Systems will handle the complete PEMB structure from start to finish. You can choose a standard design, or let the team design a customised steel structure according to your requirements and specifications. Talk to a consultant at the leading Pre-Engineered Metal Building Suppliers in Africa today to get a quality steel structure for your building needs. You can rely on Clotan Building Systems for a professional service and outstanding steel structures.

What is PEMB construction?

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings or PEMB construction is a new-age construction method for the erecting of steel structures. Pre-engineering and pre-fabrication of steel structures mean that the structures are designed and fabricated in-house, and transported to the construction site, ready for assembly. Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings / PEMB is a structure that includes wall cladding and a steel roofing system. The panels are thus fabricated exactly to the specifications of the design, and no fabrication, cutting or bending is required on site. The customer this purchases a building that is ready to be constructed. Our PEMB structures consists of rigid frames that are fabricated from plated steel and are often tapered to save weight. Secondary members from cold formed C and Z sections are used as purlins and girts. Clotan Building Systems have gained extensive experience in the design, fabrication and construction of PEMB, making us a reliable supplier of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings in Africa.

For more information about the material specifications of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings from Clotan Building Systems, speak to a professional consultant today.

The advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings

There are a number of reasons why construction companies and their customers prefer this construction method over conventional steel structures. The advantages of pre-engineered metal buildings include:

  • • Reduced construction time: The most appealing benefit of choosing pre-engineered metal construction over conventional steel structures, is the reduced construction time. Because the wall cladding, roof sheets and frame is fabricated by the steel construction company, it makes construction easier and faster than the construction of conventional steel structures. No material is fabricated or cut onsite, as the material is ready to be assembled.
  • • Reduced construction cost: This construction method offers significant savings in building costs, due to lower design, manufacturing and construction costs. When compared to conventional steel structures, the cost of pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) can be up to 30% lower.
  • • Customisable design: Specialised drawing software is used to design pre-engineered metal structures, which is relatively quick and easy. Designs are also customisable, meaning that your steel structure can be customised to meet your requirements. Talk to a consultant at the leading pre-engineered building suppliers in Africa today.
  • • Clear spans: Another reason why pre-engineered metal buildings are so popular is the ability to achieve clear spans (obstruction free space), making these structures ideal for use in commercial, industrial and agricultural environments.
  • • Expansion: Pre-engineered metal buildings can easily be expanded, and can be pre-designed for future expansion. Discuss this possibility with your pre-engineered building supplier, Clotan Building Systems.
  • • Quality control: Quality is more consistent, due to the panels and material being manufactured completely in a factory, under controlled processes and conditions. You are also assured of quality steel structures when trusting Clotan Building Systems, trusted pre-engineered building suppliers.

Read more about pre-engineered steel buildings vs. conventional steel buildings, or speak to a consultant at Clotan Building Systems today for the information you require.

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Clotan Building Systems is a reputable choice of pre-engineered building suppliers in Africa. We design, fabricate and erect pre-engineered steel structures for various applications in the following industries: Mining, industrial, commercial, agricultural and other environments.

You can rely on our company for a quality steel structure that is fabricated according to your requirements. You can also expect competitive prices and a professional service. Ordering your pre-engineered metal building from Clotan Building Systems is simple and effective - read the sequence of operation fabrication, or simply contact us to speak to a professional consultant at Clotan Building Systems today.

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Clotan Building Systems is a leading manufacturer and service provider when it comes to pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) in Africa. Clotan Building Systems service clients in the following countries: South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Ivory Coast, DRC and Mauritius. Contact Clotan Building Systems today for quality pre-engineered steel structures at competitive prices.

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