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For Pre-Engineered Steel Structures, contact Clotan Building Systems. We can supply all the PEMB Structures for your building project. Discuss your individual needs with one of our sales consultants. We offer a on-site production service.

PEMB in Construction

Pre-engineered steel buildings are designed by Clotan Building Systems to efficiently satisfy a number of structural building requirements, manufactured from the highest quality steel material. Clotan Building Systems is a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered steel frame buildings not only in South Africa, but neighbouring African countries as well. Clotan Building Systems will supply you with all the pre-engineered steel buildings and frames you will require for your building project, and will be designed according to your building project specifications.

The benefits of pre-engineered steel frame buildings

There are many reasons as to why steel is becoming the most popular material used for pre-engineered buildings. The top reason why steel is becoming so increasingly popular within the building industry, is the durability factor. Using pre-engineered steel buildings will ensure a long lifespan for the building, adding value to your building project. Steel consists of the highest strength-to-weight ratio, making it a durable and lightweight product. Steel is also less expensive for building projects when compared to bricks and mortar. Steel for pre-engineered steel buildings is definitely the safer option, as it is non-combustible, more resistant to forces of nature and are less subject to ageing.

When comparing the advantages of steel frames to other building materials, it is easy to see why steel is the top choice when it comes to pre-engineered buildings and frames in South Africa.

Supplier of quality pre-engineered steel buildings South Africa

As a leading supplier of steel products including light steel frames (pre-engineered steel buildings), lipped channel, roof sheeting and other steel products, you can be certain that you will receive quality pre-engineered steel buildings in South Africa. Browse through a few of our recent projects on our website to see the high quality steel frames and structures we’ve supplied to clients. If you require other steel products for your building project, browse through our complete list of Clotan Building Systems products to find the steel products you need.

Contact Clotan Building Systems today regarding your pre-engineered steel building needs in South Africa, to receive a detailed quote that fits your specifications. Choose Clotan Building Systems for affordable steel products. Trust Clotan Building Systems to provide you with the highest quality steel frames and steel product ethically and efficiently.

For Pre-Engineered Steel Structures, contact Clotan Building Systems.

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