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Pre-engineered Steel Structures - Western & Eastern Cape - Clotan Building Systems

If you are looking for a steel building company in the Eastern or Western Cape that will provide you with a professional building solution for your pre-engineered steel structure needs, Clotan Building Systems can assist. Clotan Building Systems is a leading steel building company in the area, providing clients with quality structures that meet their needs.

Let our team erect a steel structure that will exceed your expectations. Clotan Building System provide pre-engineered steel structures that are ideal for use in agricultural, mining, commercial and industrial environments. Whether you need to build a state-of-the-art warehouse, or need to erect a steel structure on your farm, Clotan Building Systems can assist with your pre-engineered steel structures in the Western and Eastern Cape.

The process of obtaining a pre-engineered steel structure from Clotan Building Systems

Let Clotan Building Systems provide you with a pre-engineered steel building in the Western or Eastern Cape that meets your needs. The process of obtaining a pre-engineered steel structure from Clotan Building Systems is as follow:

  • Discuss you needs: Once you've made an enquiry with Clotan Building Systems, your steel structure needs will be discussed so that our team understands what you need.
  • Detailed design: Our team will kick-off with professional and detailed design and drawings of the steel structure, and formal quotation will be prepared.
  • Final drawings: Once the client has seen the initial drawing and the requested changes have been made, the final drawings will be prepared to be approved by the client.
  • Payment: Once all the designs and drawings have been approved by the client, the client will be invoiced for payment.
  • Fabrication: Once payment has been made by the client, the fabrication of the pre-engineered steel structure will begin in our factory. All steel wall cladding and roof sheets will be manufactured according to the design and drawings.
  • Painting: Your steel structure will be painted as per the design specifications.
  • Delivery of the building: The complete building will be delivered onsite, with all accessories, ready to be erected.
  • Training and installation: Onsite training and / or installation will be done by Clotan Building Systems, as per agreement.

If you need to erect a pre-engineered structure in the Western or Eastern Cape, contact Clotan Building Systems today. We will provide you with a steel structure that meets your design requirements, application and needs.

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Quality & cost effective structures for your application needs

Pre-engineered steel structures from Clotan Building Systems are top quality structures that will exceed your expectations in terms of functionality, durability and aesthetics. Steel structures are suitable for a number of applications in commercial, industrial and agricultural environments. Speak to a professional consultant about your pre-engineered steel structure needs in the Western and Eastern Cape, to get the best solution for your building needs. Contact Clotan Building Systems today.

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