Pre-engineered Warehouse Construction Western & Eastern Cape

Pre-engineered Warehouse Construction - Western & Eastern Cape

If you need to construct a warehouse and are looking for a trusted steel construction company in the Western and Eastern Cape, Clotan Building Systems can assist. Clotan Building Systems provides quality pre-engineered warehouse construction services in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape provinces, and will provide you with the best steel structure solution for your needs.

Pre-engineered warehouses are widely used in various sectors for effective storage of goods, products, machinery and more. Clotan Building Systems will build a pre-engineered steel warehouse that meets your requirements. Contact the leading pre-engineered warehouse contractors in the Western and Eastern Cape today to get a quote.

The best steel structure for your warehouse / storage needs

Read the questions and answers below to find out everything you need to know about pre-engineered warehouse construction by Clotan Building Systems.

1. What is pre-engineered warehouse construction?

Pre-engineered warehouse construction involves the building of a steel structure, by using pre-fabricated steel or metal panels. The panels are pre-engineered in a factory, packed and transported to the construction site, where the steel building will be erected. A great advantage of pre-engineered warehouses is that the buildings are constructed much quicker than brick and mortar buildings, and are a cost-effective building option.

2. What is warehouse design?

The warehouse design includes aspects like the size, layout, height, access points, pathways and functionality. Clotan Building Systems will design a warehouse according to your business needs and requirements. Pre-engineered warehouses are fully customisable, and will be designed by using professional drawing software.

3. How big is a typical warehouse?

There is almost no limit when it comes to the size of a pre-engineered warehouse. Warehouse can be anything form 1000 - 10 000 square meter and more. Discuss your storage and process needs with your pre-engineered warehouse building contractor to ensure you choose a warehouse that will meet your requirements.

4. How much does a warehouse cost?

The cost of the pre-engineered warehouse will depend on the size and structural design of the steel structure. When enquiring at Clotan Building Systems, you will receive a detailed design and drawings, along with a formal quotation to complete the project.

5. What are the factors which are considered in warehouse selection and location?

There are a number of factors to consider when it comes to erecting a new warehouse, which include: Proximity of business processes, accessibility from roads and main roads, transportation costs, proximity to airports, utility costs and more. Discuss these factors with your team to ensure the right decision is made in terms of warehouse type and location.

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Let the leading pre-engineered building company provide you with quality and professional pre-engineered warehouse construction in the Western and Eastern Cape. Discuss your warehouse / storage requirements with an experienced consultant today to get the building you need. Contact Clotan Building Systems.

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