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Infrastructure plays a vital role in the successful growth and development of any industry. Many industrial sectors in African countries have seen some rapid growth over the last few years, which created the need for more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective construction methods when it comes to industrial structures and other infrastructure. Structures and buildings in these sectors not only have to be strong and durable but need to be able to be erected in short time spans.

The construction of Pre-engineered industrial steel structures is a modern building method, which has been developed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing industrial environments. When the need exists for strong and durable steel structures that can be erected in a short time frame at a cost-effective price, pre-engineered industrial steel structures is the answer.

Clotan Building Systems provide clients in various industrial sectors in many African countries with quality Pre-engineered steel structures that meet their needs in terms of design, functionality and efficiency. Contact Clotan Building Systems today to get the Pre-engineered industrial steel structure you need.

What is a Pre-engineered metal building?

A Pre-engineered building is a structure that is designed, fabricated and constructed by a modular building company, like Clotan Building Systems. These structures are designed to be more efficient than conventional steel structures in terms of construction time, material usage and price. Although they differ from conventional building construction, these buildings are still able to incorporate custom-built features and various architectural designs. Pre-engineered steel structures are typically used for low-rise buildings in commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Industrial steel structures like warehouses, mining structures, storage facilities, factories etc. require large open spaces with clear spans. Pre-engineered industrial steel structures can achieve clear spans in excess of 75 meters, offering optimal use of a structure’s interior, unhindered by columns or other obstructions.

Some of the The Advantages of Pre-engineered industrial steel structures can be summed up as the following:

  • • Shorter construction times: Because the columns, beams and panels are designed and fabricated in-house, and transported to the construction site, ready to be assembled.
  • • Cost-effective: Cost saving is achieved by the efficient and effective use of steel material, and shorter construction times. Without sacrificing on quality, Clotan Building Systems provide cost-efficient Pre-engineered industrial steel structure solutions for clients in various industries.
  • • Versatility and flexibility: The design of a Pre-engineered steel structure is extremely versatile and can be customised to meet the client's specific needs. The ability to easily expand the structure in future, will not limit the client's growth, but rather facilitate future developments.

Get in touch with a team member at Clotan Building Systems today to discuss your Pre-engineered industrial steel structure needs. We will provide you with a solution that is time efficient, cost-efficient and sustainable.

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Clotan Building Systems will provide you with a steel structure that is strong, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. Our team have constructed many beautiful and custom pre-engineered industrial metal buildings for clients across Africa. Contact Clotan Building Systems today to discuss your project needs, and to get a quote to erect your pre-fabricated metal building in Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia.

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