What is PEMB?

What is a PEMB

A Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB), is a building that includes a structural system and quite often roof and wall cladding. The structural system consists of rigid frames that are fabricated from plated steel and are often tapered to save weight. Secondary members from cold formed C and Z sections are used as purlins and girts.

Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) are also up to 30% lighter than conventionally designed steel structures due to efficient use of steel. Primary framing members are tapered (varying depth) and built-up sections, with larger depths in the areas of highest stresses and internal forces. Secondary members are light gauge (lightweight) roll- formed (low labor cost) “Z” or “C” shaped members.

In the conventional design of steel structures, primary steel members are selected from standard hot rolled “I” sections, which are, in many segments of the portal frame, heavier than what is required, when looking at internal forces. Members have constant cross-sections regardless of the varying magnitude of the local (internal) stresses along the member length. Please refer to the image below for a comparison between PEB and Conventional Steel Structure.

PEB vs Conventional Steel Structure

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